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May 24

Ironman Lanzarote 2015

Ironman Lanzarote 2015   I have to report that I did not make it to Ironman Lanzarote this year as I was not well on the day. I think ‘gutted’ is the correct term to describe my disappointment. Steve was a marshall again this year, on the marathon leg of the race so I had …

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Aug 26

Lanzarote is for Everyone (Including the physically challenged).

Lanzarote is for everyone. (Including the physically challenged)   There really are so many different ways to enjoy Lanzarote, and it is true that Lanzarote is for everyone, including the physically challenged. Whether you want a quiet time, breathtaking scenery, water sports, lively clubs and bars, access to the islands rich historical heritage, art and culture, the …

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May 19

Lanzarote Ironman 2014

  Lanzarote Ironman 2014   Lanzarote Ironman 2014, a stunning event and a triumph, as always, great atmosphere, superb athletes, in some cases grandparents who provided thrills and entertainment as they gave their all in a challenge that defies belief in mere mortals like myself. Every superlative must have been used a thousand times and …

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Mar 16

Carnival in Lanzarote

Carnival in Lanzarote   Carnival in Lanzarote is the most spectacular event of the year. In fact it is not a single event but a fantastic period that really starts months before when the groups begin designing their costumes, choreographing the routines of the walking floats, fund raising, choosing the music, writing the songs, co-operating …

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Jun 28

Writing to Inform/Express Opinion

Writing to Inform/Express Opinion: Reviews Session 23 NB: Ask the members, at the previous session, to read the following post, on the blog writersend.com, before the class http://writersend.com/2013/05/07/writing-reviews/ Make copies of the following article (* to*) to hand out for members. Read the following: * Reviews. The purpose of a review is to inform, and …

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Jun 03

Salt Carpets of Lanzarote

Salt Carpets of Lanzarote   Every year for the weekend of Corpus Cristi families and social groups gather in the streets of Arrecife, and to make fabulous salt carpets around the main square in front of the Church of San Gines and the surrounding streets. One of the nicest things about this fiesta is the …

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May 13

Lanzarote: Unspoiled Island

Lanzarote: Unspoiled Island. By Sue Almond It is a fact that there is only one ‘high -rise’ building on the whole of the island of Lanzarote. The Gran Hotel in Arrecife, the capital, stands out as an easily identifiable landmark from land, sea and air.   One of the reasons why so much of the …

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Mar 06

Journalism and Writing Articles

Journalism and Writing Articles   I was writing regularly for a magazine and when I told them I was going to Sri Lanka they commissioned this piece: Discovering another island: a personal reflection. We flew towards the sunrise as we approached Sri Lanka. The outskirts of Colombo; busy, noisy, horns blaring, cars, motor bikes, tuk …

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Mar 04

Language In Conflict

Language In Conflict Session 9 Prior to this session collect a selection of suitable magazines and newspapers, including local newspapers. You need reports of crimes, court reports and reviews of books, films, plays. Also ask members to read, and if possible cut out and bring in, further examples. Copies of one or more novels by …

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