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Apr 01

Undersea Museum off Lanzarote

Undersea Museum off Lanzarote I am happy to recommend the following excellent article,by Raphael Mander about the statues under the sea off the coast of Lanzarote. More than just a piece of art and a tourist attraction, Jason deCaires Taylor’s underwater museum has an ecological purpose as well as making social comment which is apt …

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Jan 26

‘Practice makes Perfect’

‘Practice makes Perfect’ ‘Practice makes Perfect’ they say, but what exactly does that mean? Is doing something over and over again going to improve what you do? Maybe, but what if you are not doing it well? Reinforcing bad habits is not a recipe for improvement. Repetition is definitely part of what we mean by …

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Jul 05

The Drago Tree

The Drago Tree By Isobel Blackthorn The Drago Tree is a multi-layered book. On the surface it is the story of Ann Salter, a geologist who arrives on Lanzarote seeking peace and solace after the breakdown of her marriage. She meets Richard, an author and married man, with whom she has an unsatisfactory flirtation. Through …

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Jun 06

‘Bite Size’ histories of Lanzarote Chapter 5: Industrial Evolution

‘Bite Size’ Histories of Lanzarote Chapter 5: Industrial Evolution   ‘What did the people do here before the tourists came?’ It’s a frequent and understandable question, given that the vast majority of the population is dependent, directly or indirectly on tourism. But, this island seems to have a history of having one major industry at …

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May 15

‘Bite Size’ Histories of Lanzarote Chapter 4: Living on a Hot Rock

‘Bite Size’ Histories of Lanzarote   Chapter Four: Living on a Hot Rock.   People sometimes ask, ‘Doesn’t it worry you living on a volcanic island?’ The short answer is ‘No.’ The reality is that there has never been a single person killed, as a direct result of volcanic action, on Lanzarote, in recorded history. …

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Apr 19

‘Bite Size’ Histories of Lanzarote Chapter 2: Dirty Doings

  ‘Bite Size’ Histories of Lanzarote Chapter 2: ‘Dirty Doings,’ or ‘An everyday tale of history folk.’       Juan de Béthancourt landed in Lanzarote in 1402. He came ashore between Papagayo and Playa Blanca, part of what is now Yaiza Municipality (Yaiza being the name of a pre-Hispanic Princess) and was greeted, by …

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Apr 13

Bite Size Histories of Lanzarote Chapter 1

‘Bite Size’ Histories of Lanzarote Chapter One ‘That which wasn’t lost was found!’   The first in a series of short, factual but quirky, bite size histories of Lanzarote. The island of Lanzarote gets its name from, and was discovered by, Lancelotto Malocello, a Genoese explorer, of the 14th century, or at least he gets …

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Mar 16

Carnival in Lanzarote

Carnival in Lanzarote   Carnival in Lanzarote is the most spectacular event of the year. In fact it is not a single event but a fantastic period that really starts months before when the groups begin designing their costumes, choreographing the routines of the walking floats, fund raising, choosing the music, writing the songs, co-operating …

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Jun 16

Lanzarote Where Sometimes, ‘Less Is More.’

Lanzarote Penguins

Lanzarote Where Sometimes, ‘Less Is More.’   By Sue Almond Imagine the pace of life on Sundays, as they used to be in England 50 years ago; a day of gentle relaxation but with Lanzarote weather, in which to stroll down to your favourite bar, meet friends, have a barbecue, go the beach, or just …

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May 01

A World Wide Activity For Writers on Lanzarote

A World Wide Activity For Writers on Lanzarote Writing clubs and writing groups can be found all over the world. It is an immensely popular activity for would-be serious writers and people who just want to have a go, retired folk who want keep their minds active and some who just enjoy the company. There …

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