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Jan 29

Whose perspective?

Whose perspective? You are going to write a short story in first person narrative. The setting is a small supermarket. Imagine three characters: One is a shopper who sees another customer put something in their pocket and continue shopping. The second character is the person they have observed and who has caught their eye briefly …

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Dec 11

Characters first?

Characters First? Title first? Action first? Characters first? There is no ‘one way’ but some ways of approaching a story work better than others for different people. You may have ‘favourite’ books that you recall loving while you were reading them but about which you remember clearly very little but the title. Was it because …

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Dec 01

Moving swiftly along!

Moving swiftly along! Writing Group Session 01 December 2017 Today we needed to be alert and sharp for a exercise that required some flexibility and mental agility. I thought it might be a good idea to play a round or two of a word game, just to get the grey cells going first? Hmm, not sure …

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Nov 30

Grab the readers’ attention!

Grab the readers’ attention. Attention grabber? Following the previous week’s session, ‘Titles First’ in which some of the discussion focused on what they can or should reveal about the story and how they can intrigue, this week’s session title was ‘Action First’. We started with openings, of not more than three sentences and we had …

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Jun 17

Characters in search of a story

Characters in search of a story Some writers begin with a plot that they outline and then fill out with characters and details. Some claim that they ‘just start writing’ with no idea where it is going to go. Others start with a character, or a setting, or a concept or issue that they want …

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Nov 14

Where to start your story

Where to start your story Before the session members should read ‘Finding Inspiration for your Writing’ The opening paragraph of a story can determine whether the reader is enthused, curious and eager to read on, intrigued….. Think about ordinary places, shops, car parks, bus stops, seaside promenades, petrol stations…. Extraordinary or just interesting, unusual or …

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Oct 21

Looking Back to the Past for Story Ideas

Looking Back to the Past for Story Ideas Members need to read: ‘Looking Back for Inspiration to Write’ in advance and, if possible, do some research into the topics mentioned. (NB. The coordinator needs to supply a few examples in case none, or very few are brought by members).   1).Invite the members to share …

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Jul 30

Evoking a Setting for your Story

Evoking a setting for your story   See: Establishing the setting   Evoking, rather than describing in detail, a setting for you story can be aided by reference to a variety of things. (In the past we have practiced using buildings and clothes. See: Creating the setting) This exercise uses the notions of food and …

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Jun 20

Writing Exercise: Take Three Characters

Writing Exercise: Take Three Characters. There is always another way to approach a story. In this exercise, which may take two or three sessions to complete, you are asked to start by deciding what has happened. The story is about an event that is somehow significant in the lives of three people. Suggestions: Bereavement and …

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Jun 12

Writing a Radio Play

Writing a Radio Play This activity is intended to follow the sessions on ‘Dialogue’, in which we saw how much we can convey in dialogue in stories. See: http://writersend.com/2016/03/11/writing-group-session-writing-dialogue/ Now the members are going to tell a story virtually all in dialogue by writing a radio play. They should read the following before the session: …

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