Tag: Poetry

Aug 23

Crossing the Rubicon

Crossing the Rubicon   If you suffer that sore affliction That comes with a profound addiction To the drug that adjusts your social attitudes Increases your social platitudes The harbinger of the temporary smile Changes the mindset though only for a fleeting while When your life’s problems become too much Loneliness, despair, malcontent and such …

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Jul 20

Ghost Story: a poem

Ghost Story: A poem   As a response to the Writing Session brief ‘Write a ghost story‘ I decided on an impulse to try it as a poem:   Late, unlamented… The first time he saw, from the corner of his eye, The light in the mirror, he didn’t know why, But he found himself …

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May 30

Life’s Considerations

Life’s Considerations. Shall you live without charity? Without honesty or decency Or morality With yourself be prepossessed With material things be obsessed Ignore the weak and dispossessed Forget the basics of humanity Forget the basics of Christianity Shall you consider a fool He who would live by the unwritten rule Of civility and courtesy, Taught …

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May 12

Ghost Stories: Writing Group Session

Ghost Stories: Writing Group Session   Before the session members should read ‘Writing Ghost Stories‘ for ideas and suggestions which they may find helpful. As well as short stories and longer novels, spooky stories lend themselves well to poetry. Poetry allows the use of enigmatic and allusive passages through figurative  language; similes and metaphor, personification, …

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Feb 22

HOLY WAR by Chris Want

  HOLY WAR by Chris Want     I’d spent the night in the watch house Damp of foot, driven mad by louse Longing for light, yet when it came Battle commenced, always the same. Pure Hell this was, day after day. Yet for us there was no other way.   ***   Religious leaders …

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Feb 04

Poetry Competition Finalist!

Poetry Competition Finalist!   This Poem by a Lanzarote Creative Writing Group member was a poetry competition finalist. Leigh Whiting’s poem ‘Reverent Salutations to the Seasons’ was the runner up in The Writing Magazine poetry competition. The theme was ‘Seasons’. Leigh also writes short stories and is a keen member of the writing group. Reverent …

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Jan 31

Poem by Ray Targett: Loneliness

Poem by Ray Targett: Loneliness   This is a reflective poem relating to ageing and loneliness … Loneliness Old man, old man, all alone, Sit you yet in your humble home? Dreaming of childhood, adolescence, Your life past, your life present. Friendships made, friendships lost, You were never one to count the cost. There’s no loving …

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Jan 31

Poem by Ray Targett: London’s Died

Poem by Ray Targett: London’s Died Ganja ganja ganja dealers Crackheads Smack heads True Childhood stealers London streets Paved with gold Not for The poor and old. bankers wined bankers dined In the city pockets  lined Corporate greed redefined The Windsor clan Saviour of the upper classes Viewing life Through  rose tint glasses Opiate to …

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Mar 12


Images The request for Members’ Work to post on the blog, to mark our 10 years of creative writing, brought responses from present and past members, from far and wide. Liz, now living in mainland Spain sent us this poem in which she uses the setting, and the weather to reflect the mood and emotions …

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Feb 27

Poetic Reflections on Writing

Poetic Reflections on Writing   A few poetic reflections penned by Helen entirely during the party to celebrate ten years of Creative Writing on Lanzarote. ….escape to a world of dream and thought Where words will spill as methods are taught. What floats your boat, or makes you tick? Anything goes, just take a pick. …

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