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Feb 25

Ten Years (of Creative Writing)

TEN YEARS Chris Want, one of our original members has written this poem in celebration of ten years of Creative Writing in Lanzarote. We formed the group in February 2005 and celebrated with a party on 24 February 2015.   What is ten years? Nought but a flash, Barely a blink on earth’s fast dash …

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Feb 21

A Writer’s Dream

A Writers Dream or How to paper the walls with rejection slips   I’d like to write for Mills and Boon Of heroes dark and handsome Or stories of suspense in which There’s kidnappings and ransom Erotic books of love and sex That Editors would bid for Purple prose on every page They’ll really flip …

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Feb 19

Fun Poetry from the Latest Workshop

Fun Poetry from the Latest Workshop   We had a very enjoyable writing workshop in Playa Blanca (Lanzarote) on Saturday 14th February and the group produced some super writing, including short stories, reflective pieces and some fun poetry: Poetry A Poem doesn´t have to rhyme It can but needn´t every time Times it does and …

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Feb 13

Fun with Verse from Lynda

Fun with verse from Lynda   Poem – with apologies to Edward Lear How high the bushy fertile land He wrote it with an ampersand Dull and plastic, vibrant eight She shut the door & closed the gate It behoves me much to read and see This stupid poem – writ´ by me Clothes and …

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May 02

Group Session: Learning to Write Better Poetry

 Group Session: Learning to Write Better Poetry Discuss some tips and suggestions, at the start of the group session, for learning to write better poetry. (You may like to introduce a few ideas generally and allow the members to expand and draw out the ideas themselves or you can find more detailed advice, in books or …

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Oct 23

Poem by Lyn

Poem by Lyn     This poem by Lyn, a member of my original Creative Writing Group, was written as a response to the way she observed people treating her disabled son-in-law. We were discussing using poetry to express strong feelings and this, along with Sandie’s poem ‘The Drinker’s Lullaby’, was one of the resulting poems …

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Sep 28

Poetry from a session on ‘Punctuation’

Poetry from a session on ‘Punctuation’ A fun poem from Marc: Comma, comma,  comma, full stop. Exclaim! Question?  Back to the top ^ The ‘Grammar Police’  will be all over me For my messings’ about  with that < apostrophe This, a misplaced comma,  could be actually correct. It’s not like I’m using it  just for …

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May 21

Villanelle: A Fixed Verse Form

Villanelle: A Fixed Verse Form One of our earliest members,currently spending time with her family in Australia, decided to try the Villanelle form of poetry and examples of her work are included below. Villanelle is a highly structured poetic form, descended from choral dance song, in which a vocalist, usually female, sang the unique lines …

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May 17

More Poetry

Poems We were given a number of household items to choose from and after handling them and writing down whatever words/phrases/thoughts the object brought to mind, we were asked to write a poem inspired by the exercise. I chose a rubber doorstop with a clown on it and here is the poem…… Take a magic …

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May 10

The Drinker’s Lullaby

Poetry:The Drinker’s Lullaby We have noted, in Session 17, how poetry can be nostalgic and simple in form (Robert Louis Stevenson’s poems) and we have listened to the rhythms and figurative language of John Masefield. You can often say more, in fewer words in poetry and also, maybe find it easier to express things that …

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