Tag: Poetry

Apr 26

Everyday Objects As Stimuli

Everyday Objects As Stimuli   Session 18 Part 1 Starting with a mundane item the group are going to be asked to go straight into using their imagination: Place a chair in a space and invite everyone to look at it. Let the mind wander as freely as possible. Squint the eyes, or close them …

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Apr 24

A Bit More Poetry

A Bit More Poetry Session 17 You will need to get copies of a couple of poems which are easily found on the internet or in The Oxfords Book of Children´s Poems: ‘The Land of Counterpane’ and ‘Escape at Bedtime’, both by Robert Louis Stevenson. Also two real favourites by John Masefield: ‘Sea Fever’ and …

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Mar 21

Introducing Poetry And Verse

Introducing Poetry And Verse What is the difference between poetry and verse? The purists will tell you that there is a huge difference, there is a more formal structure to poetry, it obeys conventions, it is more serious in its choice of subject matter and more thought provoking, deep and profound. It maybe brooding and …

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Mar 10


Limericks Some people are nervous of poetry. There is a mystique about it for those who have never ‘got into it’. They tend to say they don’t like it, although they often change their mind once they have tried it and understand that whilst everyone is not a talented poet, poetry is accessible to all …

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