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May 12

Ghost Stories: Writing Group Session

Ghost Stories: Writing Group Session   Before the session members should read ‘Writing Ghost Stories‘ for ideas and suggestions which they may find helpful. As well as short stories and longer novels, spooky stories lend themselves well to poetry. Poetry allows the use of enigmatic and allusive passages through figurative  language; similes and metaphor, personification, …

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Feb 22

HOLY WAR by Chris Want

  HOLY WAR by Chris Want     I’d spent the night in the watch house Damp of foot, driven mad by louse Longing for light, yet when it came Battle commenced, always the same. Pure Hell this was, day after day. Yet for us there was no other way.   ***   Religious leaders …

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Oct 24

Writing Good Titles for your Stories

Writing Good Titles for your Stories I have found that if I give the group a title or an opening line they can usually all write a short story with little difficulty. If they write a story first they often find it difficult to decide on a title. Yet writing good titles for your stories …

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Feb 17

Getting it Right and Getting it Written

Getting it Right and Getting it Written   ……. don’t get it right, get it written” ….. we bashed this whole concept around for a while. The merits of revision (getting it right) after initial inspiration (getting it written)…..and then we had to write a passage inspired by the concept itself…..   “Don’t get it …

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Oct 16


Titles Have you ever noticed how many successful books have titles that are quotes, or familiar phrases from somewhere else? A quick browse on Amazon will show you how many titles have a familiar ring to them. If you are trying to choose a title for your own work it is worth looking at lists …

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Apr 24

Avoid Repetition of Words and Improve Your Writing

Avoid Repetition of Words and Improve your Writing   A simple check, when editing, will ensure that you avoid repetition of words, and improve your writing. Using the same word, several times close together in a text is irritating on the eye, and suggests a lack of appropriate vocabulary. Even in published novels you can …

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Jan 24

Myths, Legends and Story telling

Myths, Legends and Story Telling Myths, legends and story telling   Way back in ancient times of myths, legends and story telling in the oral tradition, ballads were sung, epic stories of battles, and myths and legends were told through poetry and recitation. History was preserved and handed down this way. But some stories were …

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Oct 23

Poem by Lyn

Poem by Lyn     This poem by Lyn, a member of my original Creative Writing Group, was written as a response to the way she observed people treating her disabled son-in-law. We were discussing using poetry to express strong feelings and this, along with Sandie’s poem ‘The Drinker’s Lullaby’, was one of the resulting poems …

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Sep 11


Clichés Session 29 Let me be clear, I don’t have the answers, but, I am going to start with a question: What are they? Are clichés useful shorthand, truisms used for emphasis, often tautological and therefore irritating, always irritating? Are they amusing, hackneyed and overworked, witty or a sign of laziness or lack of imagination? …

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Jun 16

Lanzarote Where Sometimes, ‘Less Is More.’

Lanzarote Penguins

Lanzarote Where Sometimes, ‘Less Is More.’   By Sue Almond Imagine the pace of life on Sundays, as they used to be in England 50 years ago; a day of gentle relaxation but with Lanzarote weather, in which to stroll down to your favourite bar, meet friends, have a barbecue, go the beach, or just …

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