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Jan 19

Photographs: A writing suggestion.

Photographs: A writing suggestion. The task is to write a story featuring a photograph – Maybe someone finds a photograph that puzzles them/seems to contradict something they ‘knew’ about their family, an event or a person….? Maybe they are looking for a photograph to show to someone, to validate something, to check their memory….? Maybe …

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Jul 25

Finding Inspiration for your Writing Out and About 1

Finding Inspiration for your Writing Out and About   There are all sorts of places to look for inspiration when you are out and about. (But do remember to carry a notebook!) Airports  and train or bus stations: Look at the people around you. Observe what they are wearing and their facial expressions. Where is …

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Feb 27

Writing Group Session: Unpacking Conversation.

  Writing Group Session: Unpacking Conversation Task 1. To show how important dialogue can be in a story, let’s look at just part of a conversation and see just how much we can guess about what is going on in the story.   Look at the following passages and jot down what you can tell …

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Jan 29

‘Practice makes Perfect’


‘Practice makes Perfect’ ‘Practice makes Perfect’ they say, but what exactly does that mean? Is doing something over and over again going to improve what you do? Maybe, but what if you are not doing it well? Reinforcing bad habits is not a recipe for improvement. Repetition is definitely part of what we mean by …

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Jul 24

Writing away

Writing away Writing away is a very simple but effective writing exercise which works well if there are quite a few members present to share their, often very varied responses. It is also useful for extra practice of skills which have recently been covered. If  ‘viewpoint’ has been a recent topic then discuss the main …

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Feb 17

Getting it Right and Getting it Written

Getting it Right and Getting it Written   ……. don’t get it right, get it written” ….. we bashed this whole concept around for a while. The merits of revision (getting it right) after initial inspiration (getting it written)…..and then we had to write a passage inspired by the concept itself…..   “Don’t get it …

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Feb 01

Junior Creative Writing Workshop


Junior Creative Writing Workshop In The Art Room Some interest has already been shown in the possibility of a Junior Creative Writing Group meeting in the Art Room in Playa Blanca. A writing group gives children an opportunity to express themselves and explore their own creativity in a less formal atmosphere than school. English children …

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Jan 28

Introductory Creative Writing Workshop

Introductory Creative Writing Workshop in Playa Blanca, Lanzarote. As one of a series of Arts Workshops being held in Playa Blanca there will be an Introductory Creative Writing Workshop on Saturday 14 February: 2 pm to 4.30 pm open to all ages and all levels. Activities will include short, individual writing exercises; possibly group exercises …

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Oct 16


Titles Have you ever noticed how many successful books have titles that are quotes, or familiar phrases from somewhere else? A quick browse on Amazon will show you how many titles have a familiar ring to them. If you are trying to choose a title for your own work it is worth looking at lists …

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Sep 26

From Writer to Author in Easy Steps – Part 3. Quality Control

 From Writer to Author in Easy Steps- Part 3. Quality Control   by successful author of the Tom Caton Detective Fiction Series: Bill Rogers     Click here for Part 1 Part 3. Quality Control   Congratulations. You’ve finished! Only you haven’t. Not quite. There are two essential processes to go through before you unleash …

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