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Feb 01

Junior Creative Writing Workshop

Junior Creative Writing Workshop In The Art Room Some interest has already been shown in the possibility of a Junior Creative Writing Group meeting in the Art Room in Playa Blanca. A writing group gives children an opportunity to express themselves and explore their own creativity in a less formal atmosphere than school. English children …

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Jan 28

Introductory Creative Writing Workshop

Introductory Creative Writing Workshop in Playa Blanca, Lanzarote. As one of a series of Arts Workshops being held in Playa Blanca there will be an Introductory Creative Writing Workshop on Saturday 14 February: 2 pm to 4.30 pm open to all ages and all levels. Activities will include short, individual writing exercises; possibly group exercises …

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Oct 16


Titles Have you ever noticed how many successful books have titles that are quotes, or familiar phrases from somewhere else? A quick browse on Amazon will show you how many titles have a familiar ring to them. If you are trying to choose a title for your own work it is worth looking at lists …

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Sep 26

From Writer to Author in Easy Steps – Part 3. Quality Control

 From Writer to Author in Easy Steps- Part 3. Quality Control   by successful author of the Tom Caton Detective Fiction Series: Bill Rogers     Click here for Part 1 Part 3. Quality Control   Congratulations. You’ve finished! Only you haven’t. Not quite. There are two essential processes to go through before you unleash …

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Sep 21

Looking at one scene in your writing

Looking at one scene in your writing.   Group Session Discuss briefly: How much can you tell about a story/novel from looking at one scene in your writing, chosen at random? How important is it to keep the genre, period, main character(s) always in focus ? Instructions: Write a short scene from a longer story. …

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Jul 30

Choose a Title and Write

Choose a Title and Write     This is meant to be a fun session with lots of freedom to just ‘Choose a Title and Write’ and share something of your own, giving the members of the group maximum choice. Ask the members to write down the following as a list: Flying A Letter A …

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Mar 26

Stories from Photographs

Stories from Photographs   You need to ask everyone in advance to bring a photograph of themselves as we are going to write stories from photographs. (You might hint that if it is not TOO obvious where it is taken and when, then it might make the writing task more interesting.) It can be at …

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Feb 18

Creative Writing Workshop Part 2

The Creative Writing Workshop Part 2 04 February 2014 Part 2: The afternoon. The afternoon session began with Activity 3: Focus on the Action which encouraged everyone to practice showing how characters felt by describing their actions, rather than writing detailed descriptions of their emotions, and sharing their work within their groups. ********************** Our second speaker …

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Feb 18

Creative Writing Workshop

Creative Writing Workshop 4 February 2014 Part 1: The morning: The full day Creative Writing Workshop was very successful and produced some really good pieces of individual writing, excellent collaborative work, interesting discussion and cross fertilisation of ideas. Basically the day consisted of four writing activities, lunch, two visiting speakers and a prize draw. There …

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Feb 06

Focus on the Action

Focus on the Action   Stories are essentially about what happens, so focus on the action in your writing. The psychology and emotions of the main characters may be very important, more so in some genres than others, but should be implied if they are thrillers, detective novels, adventures, quests, romances and so on, by …

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