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Jan 18

Writing exercises

Writing Exercises   It is always worth doing writing exercises and many successful writers use them to continue honing their skills. Just like physical exercise it tones the relevant parts and leaves you feeling good. If you have not got an idea for your next project; if you are suffering from a temporary writer’s block; …

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Dec 12

Economy of Language in Stories

Economy of Language in Stories Economy of language in writing stories means keeping it concise and to the point, but there is no one way to do anything. If you are writing a poetic description to evoke a lazy atmosphere and peaceful unhurried pace of life, as well as identifying plants and flowers, which should …

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Nov 20

Joining a Creative Writing Group

Joining a Creative Writing Group   People may consider joining a creative writing group for different reasons. There may be some absolute beginners who, perhaps have always fancied trying writing, or maybe they have a story that they desperately want to tell but just cannot get started. Some might be looking for an interesting way …

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Nov 15

Starting a Short Story

Starting a Short Story Session36 When we explore openings and ideas for starting a short story we always find it interesting to see what a variety of results we get from the same stimulus. Ask the members to place pencil and paper ready to start. We are going to invent a character who will feature …

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Oct 17

Developing Plot in Fiction

Developing Plot in Fiction   Session 34 ‘Atmosphere, scenery, setting, background, also sub-plots and secondary characters; In a book these are layers of meaning, some clearly set out, some more subtle, requiring the reader to make connections and deductions for themselves. Some are deliberately misleading to keep the reader guessing…. Some readers say plain description …

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Aug 20

Writing to Summarise

Writing to Summarise Session 24 You will need to select one or more suitable newspaper stories or magazine articles and photocopy them for the group. A selection of highlighter pens would be useful. Also photocopy and give out the following handout * to * . NB.This can be found on the blog: writersend.com in ‘Advice …

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Jul 30

Writing Practice

Writing Practice. Practice makes perfect, they say. Simple practice at weaving words. Two simple writing exercises for session fillers, home-works or just writing practice. 1. Write down the first thing you think of…. A kitchen utensil A book title Something you write with A piece of jewellery An item of clothing Something you eat A …

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Jul 28

Writing To Prepare Speeches

Writing To Prepare Speeches Session 25 Ask the members to read ‘Speeches’ on the blog: writersend.com in Advice and Information, before the class. Prepare copies of the hand out * to * below. Read out: One of the most famous speeches in history is only ten sentences long. Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address is recognised, not …

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Jul 09


Summarising. As a practical skill many people need to be able to summarise efficiently. Students definitely; they need to read and write notes, which are effectively summaries, for reference and in preparing essays; but also many jobs and professions require summaries of meetings, reports, accidents or incidents at work, disputes, work-practice changes, articles relevant to …

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Apr 26

Everyday Objects As Stimuli

Everyday Objects As Stimuli   Session 18 Part 1 Starting with a mundane item the group are going to be asked to go straight into using their imagination: Place a chair in a space and invite everyone to look at it. Let the mind wander as freely as possible. Squint the eyes, or close them …

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