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Apr 19

Pass It On – Fun Activity

Pass It On Sometimes you need an activity to insert into a session because only two or three members have turned up that week so the discussion does not take long, or maybe you have decided that you needed to split the previous session, but do not need a full session to complete the exercise. …

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Mar 30

Story Cubes – Rory’s Story Cubes.

Story Dice

Story Cubes Session 12 I found these on Amazon, quite reasonably priced and a great resource for all ages. The symbols can be interpreted in any way and this makes them totally flexible, fun but capable of sparking ideas for a really good story. The are called Rory’s Story Cubes. I bought them from Amazon …

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Mar 12

Visual Stimuli: Pictures

Visual Stimuli: Pictures Session 10 A cheap and simple, but effective resource is a good selection of pictures cut from magazines, comics, newspapers etc. (It is useful, if you have the time, to mount them on card as you will be able to reuse them in different ways and they will stand up to more …

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Mar 08

What Do You Think Of It So Far?

What Do You Think Of It So Far? (A brief summary of the first ten sessions) If you have been following the group sessions on this site, as exercises for yourself or with others in a group, there is some value in stopping now and then, to review what has been covered. You may choose …

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Feb 28

Words Nothing to be afraid of!

Words Nothing to be afraid of! Reading improves your vocabulary because you see how words are used and often work out meanings instantly, even if the word is entirely new to you, through context. You may need to think a moment and mentally link a word to what you know about the origins of words, …

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Feb 21


Madge   The exercises we do are designed to get us writing regularly; give us practise, ideas for story-lines or appropriate styles, confidence and the opportunity to share with others in a supportive atmosphere. In one session we looked at telling the story through the characters, cutting the explanation and description back. The idea was …

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Feb 12

Getting off the Blank Page

  As people arrive, ask them to write their name and contact information on a sheet of paper on a table by the door, just in case you have to cancel or change a session. At this point you might like to give out a short handout. It is reassuring to feel that there are …

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