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Sep 11


Clichés Session 29 Let me be clear, I don’t have the answers, but, I am going to start with a question: What are they? Are clichés useful shorthand, truisms used for emphasis, often tautological and therefore irritating, always irritating? Are they amusing, hackneyed and overworked, witty or a sign of laziness or lack of imagination? …

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Aug 17

In Your Own Words

In Your Own Words (For a group you will need the correct number of copies of the speeches which are reproduced below * to*) Take one of the Shakespeare speeches, Polonius’ speech to his son Laertes as he is about to leave to live in Paris, from ‘Hamlet’. or ‘All the world’s a stage…’ a …

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May 06

An Introduction to Planning And Plotting A Novel

An Introduction to Planning And Plotting A Novel There is never only one way to do anything and writing is no exception. Some writers just let the story flow and many admit to having very little idea of where it is going to go before they start. They let the story evolve and then do …

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Apr 03



Revising Session 14 Display three objects. Look at them for two or three minutes. Allow the mind to play around with whatever comes up. Choose one as a stimulus and write for about 15 minutes/ 500 words (?) Discuss briefly what was chosen and types of pieces written – a story, a poem……. (In a …

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Apr 01

Through a Glass – Inspiration Ideas

Through a Glass Session 13 – Inspiration (This may be two sessions depending on numbers and time) You need a clean glass and a selection of objects plus several highlighter pens during this session. Part 1 Place a glass on the table. Ask members to look at it carefully, and in silence, for two minutes …

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