Tag: Short Stories.

Sep 24

A 500 word story: Crossing the Rubicon

A 500 word story   A 500 word story is always a good exercise. there are quite a few competitions for ‘Flash Fiction’ and it is good practice at getting a beginning, a middle and an end into concise language: Crossing the Rubicon Janine wanted to go back. It had been a lovely late-summer’s day …

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Sep 06

Master of Illusion and Mistress of Mystery

Master of Illusion and Mistress of Mystery   A short story. The Master of Illusion and Mistress of Mystery were no more. He was dead- disposed of – and she had renounced the title she despised. He had told her soon enough he would never marry her; the title was intended to humiliate. At seventeen …

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May 27

A short story in the making

A short story in the making   First draft of a story written in a writing group session by Ray and his reflections on where it might go if he worked on it further. Lost and Found   The desk sergeant looked at the station clock for the sixth time since 11pm, it read 3am, just four …

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Sep 26

Finding Inspiration for your Writing, Charity Shops

Finding Inspiration for your Writing   Read Looking for Inspiration: Second hand     Charity Shops   When you are out and about, try finding inspiration for your writing in the second hand and charity shops. Jot down a few interesting items which you are almost sure to find there. Who owned that item? How …

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Aug 12

Sorry. No time to talk!

‘Sorry. No time to talk!’ ‘Much as I enjoy a good debate, we urgently need to decide which of us will be sacrificed so we can gain some height,’ trilled the deipnosophist, languidly wiping the grease from his chin and throwing the bone of the last chicken leg from his picnic hamper over the side …

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May 03

Wasted Lives

Wasted Lives A short story by Ann Collins The house stared at her with blank eyes, bleary with an accumulation of grime. Paint peeled forlornly from the front door, the tarnished knocker askew. Emma trod gingerly along the path, negotiating the tangled weeds. She fished the keys from her bag, took a deep breath and …

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Jan 26

Greengage farm

  Greengage Farm. Greengage farm is a short story that came out of one of our writing sessions: ‘Keep it Short’ Written by Ray Targett What a load of old tosh, what a pathetic superstition, the vicissitudes of life grinding him exceeding small, despite his unshakeable belief in the talismanic icon which adorned the stable …

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Mar 14

What we did at the Writing Workshop on Monday

What we did at the Writing Workshop on Monday 10 March 2014 The Clock House Tavern, Costa Teguise, Lanzarote I really enjoyed what we did at the writing workshop on Monday. Everyone worked very hard and produced some excellent ideas and stories Itinerary !0. 45 – 11.00 Assemble for coffee and a prompt start at …

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Mar 05

Creative Writing Workshop Monday 10 March 2014

Creative Writing Workshop Monday 10 March 2014 Writing Short Stories, Revising and Editing, Analyzing the market, Writing for money Venue: Clock House Tavern, Costa Teguise, Lanzarote. Time 11.00 – 16.00 Cost 20€ – including Coffee on arrival (available from 10.45 ) and a light buffet lunch. (The bar will be open if participants wish to purchase extra drinks) …

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Nov 29

Writing Short Stories

Writing Short Stories   There is only one thing that you can say, with any certainty, about word length, when talking about writing short stories, and that is that there is no consensus on what it should be. Most sources agree that it should be less that 20,000 words but some say less than 7,500 …

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