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Aug 08

Photographs as a starting point for a story

.’ Photographs as a starting point for a story ‘A picture is worth a thousand words?’   Look at a selection of photographs belonging to members. Ask each member to start with two that are not their own and jot down what they can tell, from the photograph: when, where who what why…? Discuss the …

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Oct 21

Looking Back to the Past for Story Ideas

Looking Back to the Past for Story Ideas Members need to read: ‘Looking Back for Inspiration to Write’ in advance and, if possible, do some research into the topics mentioned. (NB. The coordinator needs to supply a few examples in case none, or very few are brought by members).   1).Invite the members to share …

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Sep 19

Looking for Inspiration for your Writing, Second hand

Looking for Inspiration for your Writing Second hand When you are out and about, have a wander, if you are looking for inspiration for your writing, in the charity shops. Jot down a few interesting items which you are almost sure to find there. Who owned that item? How did they get it? Why do …

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Jul 25

Finding Inspiration for your Writing Out and About 1

Finding Inspiration for your Writing Out and About   There are all sorts of places to look for inspiration when you are out and about. (But do remember to carry a notebook!) Airports  and train or bus stations: Look at the people around you. Observe what they are wearing and their facial expressions. Where is …

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Apr 01

Through a Glass – Inspiration Ideas

Through a Glass Session 13 – Inspiration (This may be two sessions depending on numbers and time) You need a clean glass and a selection of objects plus several highlighter pens during this session. Part 1 Place a glass on the table. Ask members to look at it carefully, and in silence, for two minutes …

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Mar 08

What Do You Think Of It So Far?

What Do You Think Of It So Far? (A brief summary of the first ten sessions) If you have been following the group sessions on this site, as exercises for yourself or with others in a group, there is some value in stopping now and then, to review what has been covered. You may choose …

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Mar 04

Language In Conflict

Language In Conflict Session 9 Prior to this session collect a selection of suitable magazines and newspapers, including local newspapers. You need reports of crimes, court reports and reviews of books, films, plays. Also ask members to read, and if possible cut out and bring in, further examples. Copies of one or more novels by …

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Feb 25

Dogs Must Be Carried

I cut out headlines from local and national newspapers and gave them to my Creative Writing Group members. They were invited to pick one and write a humorous/spoof piece based of the headline they had chosen. This is Helen´s first draft response, as written in the session: Dogs Must Be Carried. Dear Sir, I recently …

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Feb 12

Getting to know you

Session 2 (Welcome any new members. Ask them for their contact details and give them a copy of the handout from last week.) Invite a discussion of the diaries/note books suggested last week: Who wrote every day? Was it easier if done at the same time each day? Who started but did not keep it …

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