Tag: Starting Points

Jun 28

Writing Exercise: Grasshopper

Writing Exercise: Grasshopper     This is a speed exercise in which members are given only a few minutes to complete a task and then make a mental jump to another. It is about being able to think quickly, respond to a stimulus idea imaginatively but leap from one thing to another, like a grasshopper! …

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Mar 28

Still Chasing That Rhyme

STILL CHASING THAT RHYME by Norman Warwick ‘Still Chasing That Rhyme’ is Norman’s entry for the ‘outline for a novel in 500 words’ competition, judged by author Harry Dunn. Norman has the background knowledge and experience to make this a social history charting the development of popular music, hooked onto a strong story line and …

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Mar 21

‘Write an outline for a novel’

‘Write an outline for a novel’ Competition    Following a most interesting and enjoyable visit by author Harry Dunn, to our writing group in February 2016, we prevailed upon him to judge a writing competition to write an outline for a novel. The idea for this came out of his talk in which one of …

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Jan 26

Greengage farm

  Greengage Farm. Greengage farm is a short story that came out of one of our writing sessions: ‘Keep it Short’ Written by Ray Targett What a load of old tosh, what a pathetic superstition, the vicissitudes of life grinding him exceeding small, despite his unshakeable belief in the talismanic icon which adorned the stable …

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Jan 08

Writing about violence

Writing about violence 1. We will start with a short piece of writing describing a scene in which two children are fighting. They can be any age from about four years to fourteen. Decide what they are arguing about and describe what happens as they get into a physical tussle. How does it start? What happens? …

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Dec 12

Writing in Different Ways

Writing in different ways We are going to do three short pieces today and talk about different ways of writing about the same thing. 1. Write a short piece, a scene from a fictional story, in which someone is accused of something. eg A child is accused by a classmate of stealing from his coat …

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Oct 24

Writing Good Titles for your Stories

Writing Good Titles for your Stories I have found that if I give the group a title or an opening line they can usually all write a short story with little difficulty. If they write a story first they often find it difficult to decide on a title. Yet writing good titles for your stories …

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Jun 17

Visual Stimulus for your Writing

Visual Stimulus for your writing Teachers often use the old ‘pick a picture on the wall and write a story’ ploy with children. If they have lots of varied and attractive pictures on the wall it can be a great starting point. Sometimes pictures on a wall in a frequently used room are virtually ignored. …

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Apr 30

Creating the setting

Creating the setting   NB. Ask members to read ‘establishing the setting’ before the session   When thinking about creating the setting for your story it is helpful to find things that can be used to help to create atmosphere, rather than just provide a physical description of where the action takes place. It is …

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Mar 24

Writing Workshop Ice Breaker

Writing Workshop Ice Breaker At a first session of a new writing group or at the beginning of a workshop you may want an ‘ice breaker’ such as: Getting to know you Bingo To help us start to get to know each other’s names in a fun way we are going to move around the …

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