Tag: Starting Points

Apr 03



Revising Session 14 Display three objects. Look at them for two or three minutes. Allow the mind to play around with whatever comes up. Choose one as a stimulus and write for about 15 minutes/ 500 words (?) Discuss briefly what was chosen and types of pieces written – a story, a poem……. (In a …

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Apr 01

Through a Glass – Inspiration Ideas

Through a Glass Session 13 – Inspiration (This may be two sessions depending on numbers and time) You need a clean glass and a selection of objects plus several highlighter pens during this session. Part 1 Place a glass on the table. Ask members to look at it carefully, and in silence, for two minutes …

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Mar 22


Reflection Session 11 You need to ask the group members, at the end of the previous session, to bring a small mirror to class. Make sure you have a few small, cheap mirrors in case some forget. Ask the members to look in a mirror and to remain quiet and still, looking in the mirror …

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Feb 21


Madge   The exercises we do are designed to get us writing regularly; give us practise, ideas for story-lines or appropriate styles, confidence and the opportunity to share with others in a supportive atmosphere. In one session we looked at telling the story through the characters, cutting the explanation and description back. The idea was …

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