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Jul 30

Evoking a Setting for your Story

Evoking a setting for your story   See: Establishing the setting   Evoking, rather than describing in detail, a setting for you story can be aided by reference to a variety of things. (In the past we have practiced using buildings and clothes. See: Creating the setting) This exercise uses the notions of food and …

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Apr 27

Outline for a novel: ONE WEEK

Outline for a Novel ONE WEEK   by Chris Want Chris’s entry in the ‘Write an outline for a novel’ competition, ONE WEEK, plots a powerful tale of two women by showing us one week in their lives from the perspective of each of them.   The novel covers one week in the lives of …

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Apr 17

The Case Against William by Mark Gimenez

The Case Against William by Mark Gimenez William Tucker is a self centered, college star football player. The system makes it easy for the very few young athletes in his class to believe they are untouchable and exempt from many of the rules. Their only concern is football. When he is arrested for the rape …

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Apr 10

The Institute by Kayla Howarth

The Institute by Kayla Howarth The Institute is where you go if you are a ‘Defective’ in this dystopian world, where any deviation from the norm marks you as ‘unpredictable and unfit to live in society’. Anyone with an unusual ability is supposed to go, voluntarily, into the Institute, where they are told they will …

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Mar 21

‘Write an outline for a novel’

‘Write an outline for a novel’ Competition    Following a most interesting and enjoyable visit by author Harry Dunn, to our writing group in February 2016, we prevailed upon him to judge a writing competition to write an outline for a novel. The idea for this came out of his talk in which one of …

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Mar 17

The Second Wife by Kishan Paul

The Second Wife By Kishan Paul Review.: The Second Wife by Kishan Paul:   David Dimarchi’s wife disappeared without trace two years ago. The thirty-four year old surgeon has never ceased mourning her loss.   He has formed a new relationship and is finally attempting to move on when he is told by a stranger …

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Feb 14

A Price Worth Paying by Andy Wilson

A Price Worth Paying by Andy Wilson In ‘A Price Worth Paying’ by Andy Wilson, deep sea diver, James Andrews, is held responsible for a multi million pound marine disaster which destroyed an oil rig and killed two of his friends. Unable to remember the details, but convinced that he would never have done what …

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Feb 12

Writing Ghost Stories

Writing Ghost Stories Why do people write ghost stories? Firstly, to entertain; There is little doubt that from childhood on we actually like being scared, as long as we are safe at home in the real world. They are ‘escapism’ of the spooky kind, designed to provide that vicarious thrill. Secondly writing ghost stories, tales …

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Feb 10

The Danish Girl by David Ebershoff

The Danish Girl by David Ebershoff   The Danish Girl, by David Ebershoff opens in Copenhagen in 1925 with a wonderful enigmatic four word sentence – ‘His wife knew first.’ Greta asks her husband Einar to wear silk stockings and feminine shoes to pose for her, so that she can continue painting a portrait in …

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Jan 25

The Right Type of Ending can Make your Story

The Right Type of Ending Can Make your Story Read ‘ Choosing an ending for your story’ and ‘Writing Endings for your Story’ before the session. As with the session ‘Choosing an Ending…’ we are going to start by making up a story and telling the beginning and the middle in a 200 word synopsis. …

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