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Jan 25

The Right Type of Ending can Make your Story

The Right Type of Ending Can Make your Story Read ‘ Choosing an ending for your story’ and ‘Writing Endings for your Story’ before the session. As with the session ‘Choosing an Ending…’ we are going to start by making up a story and telling the beginning and the middle in a 200 word synopsis. …

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Jan 23

Writing Endings for your Stories

Writing Endings for your Stories Bringing a story to a satisfying and satisfactory ending is an important skill. If you write, as many do, by letting the story unfold, with minimal advance planning and no real idea how it is going to end then it takes discipline to decide on the best type ending. If …

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Jan 08

Writing about violence

Writing about violence 1. We will start with a short piece of writing describing a scene in which two children are fighting. They can be any age from about four years to fourteen. Decide what they are arguing about and describe what happens as they get into a physical tussle. How does it start? What happens? …

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Oct 29

Forever Evil

Forever Evil                 By Harry Dunn In Forever Evil, the second novel in the series, Private Eye, Jack Barclay is employed to find the wayward son of wealthy investment broker Phillip Jordan. After a stint in prison, his son Alex has disappeared and unbeknown to his father, has …

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Apr 12

Empathy with your Characters

Empathy with your Characters A Letter to the Author Character profiles make you ask questions about your characters to discover things that you might get to know about real people that you meet, over time; things only a person’s very best friends or family would know and things that a real person might keep totally …

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Oct 04

Content, style and skill in your writing

Content, style and skill in your writing. We have demonstrated, in previous sessions that we can write about anything. Start today by asking everyone to write for 15 minutes about one of the topics in list A. Have a particular style in mind if possible, eg try to make it thought provoking, poignant, funny, or …

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May 02

Group Session: Learning to Write Better Poetry

 Group Session: Learning to Write Better Poetry Discuss some tips and suggestions, at the start of the group session, for learning to write better poetry. (You may like to introduce a few ideas generally and allow the members to expand and draw out the ideas themselves or you can find more detailed advice, in books or …

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Feb 06

Focus on the Action

Focus on the Action   Stories are essentially about what happens, so focus on the action in your writing. The psychology and emotions of the main characters may be very important, more so in some genres than others, but should be implied if they are thrillers, detective novels, adventures, quests, romances and so on, by …

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Dec 12

Economy of Language in Stories

Economy of Language in Stories Economy of language in writing stories means keeping it concise and to the point, but there is no one way to do anything. If you are writing a poetic description to evoke a lazy atmosphere and peaceful unhurried pace of life, as well as identifying plants and flowers, which should …

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Nov 29

Writing Short Stories

Writing Short Stories   There is only one thing that you can say, with any certainty, about word length, when talking about writing short stories, and that is that there is no consensus on what it should be. Most sources agree that it should be less that 20,000 words but some say less than 7,500 …

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