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May 11

The Husband’s Secret

The Husband’s Secret By Liane Moriarty Cecilia is the most organised person she knows. Esther, the middle one of her three daughters, has moved on from her most recent passion, The Titanic, to a new obsession, The Berlin Wall! Whilst looking for a fragment of the wall from her younger days Cecilia finds an intriguing …

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Dec 14

The Book and The Film: The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

THE BOOK AND THE FILM: The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel                              By Deborah Moggach Unlike some people who say they will wait for the film, I always say that I prefer to read the book first. Only on very few occasion have …

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Nov 28

Critiques and Reviews

Critiques and reviews Two sessions: Week 1 NB: Ask readers in advance to read : Writing Reviews Ask members to write down a short list of what they think they should look for/comment on, if asked to write a critique of a short story that would be useful to the writer. Share and discuss ideas …

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Jun 20

Writing Exercise: Take Three Characters

Writing Exercise: Take Three Characters. There is always another way to approach a story. In this exercise, which may take two or three sessions to complete, you are asked to start by deciding what has happened. The story is about an event that is somehow significant in the lives of three people. Suggestions: Bereavement and …

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Jan 25

The Right Type of Ending can Make your Story

The Right Type of Ending Can Make your Story Read ‘ Choosing an ending for your story’ and ‘Writing Endings for your Story’ before the session. As with the session ‘Choosing an Ending…’ we are going to start by making up a story and telling the beginning and the middle in a 200 word synopsis. …

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Jan 23

Writing Endings for your Stories

Writing Endings for your Stories Bringing a story to a satisfying and satisfactory ending is an important skill. If you write, as many do, by letting the story unfold, with minimal advance planning and no real idea how it is going to end then it takes discipline to decide on the best type ending. If …

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Dec 02

Titles of Best Sellers

Titles of Best Sellers Some titles are more memorable than others. A list of best selling books of all time invariably places The Bible at the top. Some famous books have no reliable sales figures but we are going to look at a list of best-selling, or famous titles, most of which have sold between …

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Jul 09


Summarising. As a practical skill many people need to be able to summarise efficiently. Students definitely; they need to read and write notes, which are effectively summaries, for reference and in preparing essays; but also many jobs and professions require summaries of meetings, reports, accidents or incidents at work, disputes, work-practice changes, articles relevant to …

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May 07

Writing Reviews

Reviews It is intended that we regularly add book reviews to this page and we invite visitors to submit their reviews for inclusion. We reserve the right not to include any material that we do not think is appropriate. Writing Reviews The purpose of a book review is to inform, and to help the reader …

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