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Oct 04

Travel Writing

Travel Writing   NB. This group session is designed for my writing group in Lanzarote but can easily be adapted for other regions. Give out the first instructions the week before the session, preferably e mail for the links.After the example of the NYT piece on the undersea statues off the coast I would like …

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Apr 01

Undersea Museum off Lanzarote

Undersea Museum off Lanzarote I am happy to recommend the following excellent article,by Raphael Mander about the statues under the sea off the coast of Lanzarote. More than just a piece of art and a tourist attraction, Jason deCaires Taylor’s underwater museum has an ecological purpose as well as making social comment which is apt …

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Feb 09

Midnight at the Oasis

Midnight at the Oasis A travel piece from one of our Creative Writing Group members:   ….send your camel to bed.   It´s not quite like that anymore. Camels – those ships of the desert – have been replaced by pick-up trucks and 4 X 4s. But don´t let that put you off a visit …

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May 24

Ironman Lanzarote 2015

Ironman Lanzarote 2015   I have to report that I did not make it to Ironman Lanzarote this year as I was not well on the day. I think ‘gutted’ is the correct term to describe my disappointment. Steve was a marshall again this year, on the marathon leg of the race so I had …

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Aug 04

Renowned Artist Jörg Immendorff in Lanzarote

Renowned Artist Jörg Immendorff in Lanzarote The work of renowned German artist Jörg Immendorff, in Lanzarote, is a fabulous addition to the wealth of art on the island.   ( Please click on the pictures to see them full sized and in complete detail on your screen) Displayed in the Museo del Monumento al Campesino …

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Jul 20

Colours of Nature on Lanzarote

Colours of Nature on Lanzarote   Many people who have never been to the island of Lanzarote, and some who have, seem to think that the island is barren, and without seasonal changes. Nothing could be further from the truth. Many artists, not least the island’s own César Manrique, have found the island a fabulous …

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Jun 29

More Salt Carpets in Lanzarote 2014

More Salt Carpets in Lanzarote 2014   The annual celebrations of the fiesta of Corpus Christi brings us ‘More Salt Carpets in Lanzarote 2014’.   ( Please click on the photographs to see them full size) These amazing pictures, made in coloured salt every year, decorate the streets of the capital Arrecife as well as …

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Jun 12

Easy walking on Lanzarote

Easy Walking on Lanzarote There are many opportunities for easy walking on Lanzarote to suit all ages, abilities and levels of experience. For a small island such as this is, the choice is really extensive and the main problem is choosing where to begin! The good news is that you don’t have to embark on a …

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Apr 13

Bite Size Histories of Lanzarote Chapter 1

‘Bite Size’ Histories of Lanzarote Chapter One ‘That which wasn’t lost was found!’   The first in a series of short, factual but quirky, bite size histories of Lanzarote. The island of Lanzarote gets its name from, and was discovered by, Lancelotto Malocello, a Genoese explorer, of the 14th century, or at least he gets …

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Mar 16

Carnival in Lanzarote

Carnival in Lanzarote   Carnival in Lanzarote is the most spectacular event of the year. In fact it is not a single event but a fantastic period that really starts months before when the groups begin designing their costumes, choreographing the routines of the walking floats, fund raising, choosing the music, writing the songs, co-operating …

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