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Jun 29

More Salt Carpets in Lanzarote 2014

More Salt Carpets in Lanzarote 2014   The annual celebrations of the fiesta of Corpus Christi brings us ‘More Salt Carpets in Lanzarote 2014’.   ( Please click on the photographs to see them full size) These amazing pictures, made in coloured salt every year, decorate the streets of the capital Arrecife as well as …

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Sep 08

Get Active on Lanzarote

Get Active on Lanzarote by Sue Almond Relaxation and a chance to recharge the batteries are what most people want from a holiday. If, for you, that means lying on a sun bed with a book all day and eating out in the evening that is fine. You can certainly do that on my favourite …

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Jun 30

César Manrique

Cactus Garden

César Manrique And The island Of Lanzarote By Sue Almond. The Tate galley in London has some of his paintings, he had an exhibition at the Catherine Viviano Gallery in new York in the 1960s and has enjoyed fame in many parts of the world, as well as in Spain, but César Manrique’s most unique …

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Jun 28

Writing to Inform/Express Opinion

Writing to Inform/Express Opinion: Reviews Session 23 NB: Ask the members, at the previous session, to read the following post, on the blog writersend.com, before the class http://writersend.com/2013/05/07/writing-reviews/ Make copies of the following article (* to*) to hand out for members. Read the following: * Reviews. The purpose of a review is to inform, and …

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Jun 16

Lanzarote Where Sometimes, ‘Less Is More.’

Lanzarote Penguins

Lanzarote Where Sometimes, ‘Less Is More.’   By Sue Almond Imagine the pace of life on Sundays, as they used to be in England 50 years ago; a day of gentle relaxation but with Lanzarote weather, in which to stroll down to your favourite bar, meet friends, have a barbecue, go the beach, or just …

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Jun 03

Salt Carpets of Lanzarote

Salt Carpets of Lanzarote   Every year for the weekend of Corpus Cristi families and social groups gather in the streets of Arrecife, and to make fabulous salt carpets around the main square in front of the Church of San Gines and the surrounding streets. One of the nicest things about this fiesta is the …

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May 13

Lanzarote: Unspoiled Island

Lanzarote: Unspoiled Island. By Sue Almond It is a fact that there is only one ‘high -rise’ building on the whole of the island of Lanzarote. The Gran Hotel in Arrecife, the capital, stands out as an easily identifiable landmark from land, sea and air.   One of the reasons why so much of the …

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Mar 10


Limericks Some people are nervous of poetry. There is a mystique about it for those who have never ‘got into it’. They tend to say they don’t like it, although they often change their mind once they have tried it and understand that whilst everyone is not a talented poet, poetry is accessible to all …

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Feb 12

Vocabulary and Opening Paragraphs

  Session 6 To make your writing more interesting you need to develop a wide vocabulary. For example what does this sentence mean? It was a nice day. Does it mean that the weather was fine? Does it mean that you had an enjoyable day? ‘Nice’ is a very overworked word! Improving your vocabulary will …

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Feb 12

The Power of Words

The Power of Words A good vocabulary is an important tool for any writer. It does not matter whether you are a novelist, a journalist, a prolific letter writer, a poet or a blogger….. you need words. Most people have a much larger vocabulary than they realise, apparently we all know about 40,000 words. But, …

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