Tag: Writing Verse

May 02

Group Session: Learning to Write Better Poetry

 Group Session: Learning to Write Better Poetry Discuss some tips and suggestions, at the start of the group session, for learning to write better poetry. (You may like to introduce a few ideas generally and allow the members to expand and draw out the ideas themselves or you can find more detailed advice, in books or …

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Jan 24

Myths, Legends and Story telling

Myths, Legends and Story Telling Myths, legends and story telling   Way back in ancient times of myths, legends and story telling in the oral tradition, ballads were sung, epic stories of battles, and myths and legends were told through poetry and recitation. History was preserved and handed down this way. But some stories were …

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Oct 23

Poem by Lyn

Poem by Lyn     This poem by Lyn, a member of my original Creative Writing Group, was written as a response to the way she observed people treating her disabled son-in-law. We were discussing using poetry to express strong feelings and this, along with Sandie’s poem ‘The Drinker’s Lullaby’, was one of the resulting poems …

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Sep 28

Poetry from a session on ‘Punctuation’

Poetry from a session on ‘Punctuation’ A fun poem from Marc: Comma, comma,  comma, full stop. Exclaim! Question?  Back to the top ^ The ‘Grammar Police’  will be all over me For my messings’ about  with that < apostrophe This, a misplaced comma,  could be actually correct. It’s not like I’m using it  just for …

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Sep 24

Fun With Limericks.

Fun with limericks. Sometimes you need a warm-up exercise or a filler at the end of a session Often depending on numbers a session may not take as long as expected as fewer participants means less to share and discuss. It is useful to have a few fun sessions on hand which can also be …

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Sep 23

Modifications to Writing Sessions

Modifications to Writing Sessions   Modifications and Outcomes From Session 30: (Punctuation (the only way?) Sometimes you might prefer to take a session but alter it to suit your group. In a recent session I started with Session 30. Punctuation (the only way?) but, because of the size of the group we did not do: …

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Sep 22


Poetry   The Kite by Patricia Payne. We flew his kite, my grandson and I. With the wind beneath it skimmed the sky. First to the left and then to the right It was such a colourful sight. Orange, green, purple and red, On the way down it just missed his head. Up again, swirling …

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Apr 21

Let’s Try Some Poetry

Let’s Try Some Poetry       The idea for this session came from The Creative Writing Course Book Ed. Julia Bell and Paul Magrs a resource which I found invaluable when I began my first writing group in 2005. Session 16 This may be two sessions depending on time and numbers. You need to …

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Mar 21

Introducing Poetry And Verse

Introducing Poetry And Verse What is the difference between poetry and verse? The purists will tell you that there is a huge difference, there is a more formal structure to poetry, it obeys conventions, it is more serious in its choice of subject matter and more thought provoking, deep and profound. It maybe brooding and …

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