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Nov 02

Nomad By James Swallow

Nomad By James Swallow Nomad by James Swallow is a modern spy thriller. Typically the central character is a slightly unlikely hero and is falsely accused of treachery, meaning that he is running from everyone, including ‘his own side’ whilst trying to prove his innocence. In this case Marc Dane is the only survivor of …

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Oct 27

Mix and match ideas in your writing!

Story Dice As They Landed

Mix and match ideas in your writing! Working with random stimuli: You are going to be asked to take two, apparently unconnected words or concepts and see how imaginatively you can mix and match ideas in your writing by using them to develop a story-line or, if you prefer, a poem or other piece of …

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Oct 23

The Paris Wife

The Paris Wife By Paula McLain The Paris Wife is written as a novel but tells the true story of Ernest Hemingway’s first marriage. The author says that she was at great pains to make it as accurate as possible. It is well written, as far as the actual prose is concerned and is a …

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Jun 20

Six characters in search of a story

Six characters in search of a story (With apologies to Luigi Pirandello) Give the members a list of six characters briefly described. They must use ‘Character Questionnaires’ to add at least 6 -10 characteristics to the profiles each character (no more than 15-20 minutes). As they build up their knowledge of the characters hopefully a …

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Jun 03

From little acorns, literary oaks!

From little acorns, literary oaks!   What fertile ground I have in my writing group! I just lob in a few carefully thought out suggestions and back come amazing ideas and stories. Today we started with single sentences and phrases to see how much we could tell from one line about a story, genre, character…. …

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Sep 26

Finding Inspiration for your Writing, Charity Shops

Finding Inspiration for your Writing   Read Looking for Inspiration: Second hand     Charity Shops   When you are out and about, try finding inspiration for your writing in the second hand and charity shops. Jot down a few interesting items which you are almost sure to find there. Who owned that item? How …

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Aug 05

The Ice Twins

The Ice Twins     The Ice Twins by S. K.  Tremayne is a gripping novel, a ‘real page turner’ but it is a disturbing read. The story is awful, in the real sense of the word. A middle class family is torn apart when one of their identical twin daughters is killed in a …

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Apr 03

Writing about writing groups

Writing about writing groups In the January issue of Writing Magazine one of our regular visitors, Patricia Maw had an article published about the writing group that she belongs to in Brixham in Devon. She is always a welcome addition to the Lanzarote Creative Writing Group when she visits the island, for several weeks once …

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Feb 28

Author, Author!

Author, Author!     Author, Author! is the traditional cry at the end of a brilliant performance.   If we may call the talk given by author Harry Dunn, to our writing group, ‘a performance’ then we should send up the cry. The group met in the Clock House Tavern on Friday 26 February 2016 …

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Feb 02

Writing Dialogue Part 2: Punctuating Dialogue

Writing Dialogue Part 2: Punctuating Dialogue One thing that budding writers often ask about is actually setting out dialogue on the page. ‘Writing Dialogue Part 2: Punctuating Dialogue’ gives a short guide to some basic rules.                                       …

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