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Jan 29

‘Practice makes Perfect’

‘Practice makes Perfect’ ‘Practice makes Perfect’ they say, but what exactly does that mean? Is doing something over and over again going to improve what you do? Maybe, but what if you are not doing it well? Reinforcing bad habits is not a recipe for improvement. Repetition is definitely part of what we mean by …

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Jan 23

Writing Endings for your Stories

Writing Endings for your Stories Bringing a story to a satisfying and satisfactory ending is an important skill. If you write, as many do, by letting the story unfold, with minimal advance planning and no real idea how it is going to end then it takes discipline to decide on the best type ending. If …

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Nov 15

More about Writing Titles

More about Writing Titles This is a follow on session to http://writersend.com/2015/10/24/writing-good-titles-for-your-stories/ Titles (Add one or more titles, suggested by each member, to the list) Ninety seconds                           Watching Eagles Don’t Look Back                       …

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Jul 17

Elizabeth is Missing

Elizabeth is Missing. By Emma Healey ‘Elizabeth is Missing’ is a remarkable book. The narrator is Maud, an old lady of eighty two years who has dementia. She is constantly forgetting, even things that happened just a moment ago, but she keeps coming back to the fact that her friend, Elizabeth is missing. No one, …

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Oct 22

Themes in Books

Themes in Books NB. Read ‘Introduction to Planning and Plotting a Novel‘ in Advice and Information before the class There is at least one successful writer who chooses a theme first and says she spends six months studying and researching before starting to create characters and the storyline. Jodi Picoult chooses big themes, such as …

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Aug 30

Book Review: Before I go to Sleep by S J Watson

Book Review: Before I Go To Sleep By S J Watson Before I go to Sleep by S J Watson is a tense thriller which I thoroughly enjoyed despite reading it almost ‘by accident’ rather than by design. Christine awakens in a strange room beside a man she does not recognise. She has no idea …

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Aug 20

Book Review: Dark Places by Gillian Flynn

Book Review: Dark Places by Gillian Flynn Dark Places by Gillian Flynn is a sombre, thought provoking tale of a disfunctional family, or what is left of it! Libby was seven years old when her mother and sisters were massacred, one freezing winter’s night, leaving her traumatised, suffering from frost bite and believing that her …

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Aug 09

Book Review: Appletree Yard

Book Review: Apple Tree Yard   by Louise Doughty   Yvonne is a successful career woman whose life and relationships are good. She is in control and all is well but then she meets a total stranger and rashly enters into an affair. At first she tells herself that it was a once in a …

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Jul 06

An Officer and a Spy by Robert Harris

An Officer and a Spy by Robert Harris If I had looked to see what his book, An Officer and a Spy by Robert Harris, was about I probably would not have read it, which would have been my loss. I simply saw the author’s name and decided that was enough. I like novels set in …

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Jun 06

‘Bite Size’ histories of Lanzarote Chapter 5: Industrial Evolution

‘Bite Size’ Histories of Lanzarote Chapter 5: Industrial Evolution   ‘What did the people do here before the tourists came?’ It’s a frequent and understandable question, given that the vast majority of the population is dependent, directly or indirectly on tourism. But, this island seems to have a history of having one major industry at …

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