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Mar 14

What we did at the Writing Workshop on Monday

What we did at the Writing Workshop on Monday 10 March 2014 The Clock House Tavern, Costa Teguise, Lanzarote I really enjoyed what we did at the writing workshop on Monday. Everyone worked very hard and produced some excellent ideas and stories Itinerary !0. 45 – 11.00 Assemble for coffee and a prompt start at …

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Feb 18

Creative Writing Workshop Part 2

The Creative Writing Workshop Part 2 04 February 2014 Part 2: The afternoon. The afternoon session began with Activity 3: Focus on the Action which encouraged everyone to practice showing how characters felt by describing their actions, rather than writing detailed descriptions of their emotions, and sharing their work within their groups. ********************** Our second speaker …

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Feb 18

Creative Writing Workshop

Creative Writing Workshop 4 February 2014 Part 1: The morning: The full day Creative Writing Workshop was very successful and produced some really good pieces of individual writing, excellent collaborative work, interesting discussion and cross fertilisation of ideas. Basically the day consisted of four writing activities, lunch, two visiting speakers and a prize draw. There …

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Dec 03

Amanda Green, writer, survivor, campaigner…

Amanda Green pandora box logo

Amanda Green, writer, survivor, campaigner…   Visiting author, Amanda Green, writer, survivor , campaigner on several fronts, shares with us the amazing background to her first book, ‘My Alien Self-My Journey Back To Me’ and a brief description of  the sequel, ’39’. in which she has written about the goals that she set for herself, …

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Aug 20

Writing to Summarise

Writing to Summarise Session 24 You will need to select one or more suitable newspaper stories or magazine articles and photocopy them for the group. A selection of highlighter pens would be useful. Also photocopy and give out the following handout * to * . NB.This can be found on the blog: writersend.com in ‘Advice …

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Jul 20


Speeches One of the most famous speeches in history is only ten sentences long. Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address is recognised, not just by virtually every American in the world, but by thousands of other people worldwide. It is short, to the point, passionate, dramatic and relevant not just to the American Civil War but to …

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Jul 09


Summarising. As a practical skill many people need to be able to summarise efficiently. Students definitely; they need to read and write notes, which are effectively summaries, for reference and in preparing essays; but also many jobs and professions require summaries of meetings, reports, accidents or incidents at work, disputes, work-practice changes, articles relevant to …

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Apr 24

A Bit More Poetry

A Bit More Poetry Session 17 You will need to get copies of a couple of poems which are easily found on the internet or in The Oxfords Book of Children´s Poems: ‘The Land of Counterpane’ and ‘Escape at Bedtime’, both by Robert Louis Stevenson. Also two real favourites by John Masefield: ‘Sea Fever’ and …

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Apr 16

A Story That had To Be Told

A Story That had To Be Told   Sometimes people say they have trouble thinking what to write about. Other times you find a story that is so uplifting or thought provoking, or just fascinating in some way, that you just want to share it. This is one: Many great musicians have struggled in obscurity, …

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Apr 15

Books, Books and More Books for World Book Day.

Books and Rose

Books, Books and More Books for World Book Day.   How can two famous writers both have 23 April as the anniversary of their death and have died 11 days apart? I’ll come back to that, get your thinking caps on. St George´s Day, 23 April is celebrated in England, as St George is the …

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