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Karin Rick

 Karin Rick – Published Erotic Novelist and writing group friend

Karin Rick

Karin Rick



Viennese author Karin Rick is one of Austria’s most well known erotic writers.
Her books and stories focus on love, sex and power within relationships. Karin writes with uninhibited passion for her stories, her characters and also for her craft. Her writing is meticulous and she achieves the kind of apparent simplicity that can only come from faultless attention to detail.
A vivacious lady, with an infectious zest for life Karin exudes warmth and charm. She is direct and honest and this adds a refreshing candour to her work as well as her personality.
Karin studied communication theory and art history, and took interpreters’ and translators’ studies at the Universities of Vienna and Paris as well as making study visits and teaching in France, Belgium and Spain.
Karin’s ninth novel, Chaos Girl is now available in English under its English title ‘Twists of Lust and Trust’

We were privileged to have Karin as a visiting speaker at my Creative Writing Group several years ago. For the occasion Karin translated one of her short stories ‘Eden in the Atlantic’ which she read to us after a brief but invaluable introduction in which she explained some of her writing techniques. At one level this is a simple story but Karin uses nature and symbolism to reflect mood and the the complex emotions involved in the end of a relationship.
Her visit was a delight and the beginning of an ongoing friendship. It is an enormous pleasure to welcome Karin as one of the visitors on my blog. 
See more at  her website:

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