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Tricia Maw

Tricia Maw.
Short Story Writer and Novelist and Visiting Friend.

Tricia Maw Novelist

Tricia Maw Novelist

I met Tricia by a fortuitous accident. She was on holiday just around the corner from my home in Lanzarote and came along to a Book Club that I attend. She happened to piece together something that I said and work out that I was a member of the Lanzarote Creative Writing Group. She had tried to find us on a previous visit but I was in UK and the group was on holiday! When she found out I was the founder member andcoordinator she asked if she could come along and we were delighted, as always to welcome a new face and fresh ideas. She mentioned her short stories and did say that she had a novel in the pipeline but she modestly refrained from telling us that it was about to be published!
No More Secrets came out on 27 February 2013 and I , along with all the members of the Writing Group wish to offer our congratulations and best wishes for the success of Tricia´s novel.


Charlotte Pascoe returns from Holland expecting to work with her father, Matt, in the family boatyard, only to discover that the business is ailing and he wants to sell the site to Raphael da Silva, a property developer.
In spite of her antagonism towards Raphael, Charlotte is attracted to him and agrees to work for him. She soon discovers that there are secrets in his past life which he is reluctant to talk about.
He takes her to Portugal to meet his family and asks her to marry him. But she believes his motives are not entirely honourable. Is she making a mistake by saying yes?

Tricia says: I’ve always loved writing but it wasn’t until I did a WEA course in Creative Writing in Leicester that I started writing seriously.I moved to Brixham in Devon in 1988 and joined the local Writers’ Group and with their invaluable help I soon sold my first short story to Woman’s Weekly. I’ve since gone on to sell stories to most of the Women’s magazines, in particular Take-A-Break’s Fiction Feast, both here and abroad. I’ve also written articles based on personal experiences and am currently enjoying writing novels.You never stop learning about writing, so I was delighted to find Sue´s Creative Writing Group in Lanzarote this year and really enjoyed going to their weekly meetings.


Sadly, in June of this year our friend, Trish Maw died after an illness of several months.

Trish was one of our ‘Visitors’ on the website and always a welcome visitor at our meetings and workshops. She liked to spend a couple of months, once or twice a year, in Lanzarote and enthusiastically joined our sessions whenever she was here.

In many ways Trish’s life was unconventional. She was raised in a boys’ boarding school where her step-father was the Head teacher.

‘Not only did my mother not teach me to cook,’ she once complained, ‘I never even saw food being prepared! Chef did that.  I ate with the boys and when I was older, and no longer wished to do so, I just said what I wanted and food was brought to my room on a tray.’

Somewhat eccentric and with a fine disregard for the rules of the road, insisting as she did on refusing to drive whilst wearing a seatbelt, Trish was something of a free spirit. She was quite a character and definitely ‘grew on you’ over time.

When she left school Trish learned shorthand and typing. She had several interesting sounding jobs and worked for a few years in America which she obviously adored, speaking of it with great affection and retaining a lifelong love of the music of the swing era.

She never married, although she did speak briefly of at least one, long-standing affair of the heart!

In later years Trish loved attending her writers group in Brixton and went frequently on Writing Courses and Workshops, meeting and getting to know lots of people many of them successful writers.

Current members and friends

Trish, second from the right, middle row at our party to celebrate 10 years of Creative Writing in Lanzarote.

The first thing she ever had accepted for publication in a magazine was a poem, ‘A Writer’s Dream’. This was followed by many short stories in several magazines, a few competition wins and finally she achieved her ambition of having her first novel accepted for publication. ‘No More Secrets’ was first published in February 2013 and is available from Amazon.

Apparently Trish was a bit of a collector and I am told she left a large number of antiques. She certainly had an eye for quality. On one occasion she told me that her holiday had been paid for by the sale of six bowls left to her by the aunt for whom she had originally bought them, in a second hand shop for a few pounds!

I enjoyed her company and her quirky personality. We miss her in the group and are saddened by her loss.

Sue Almond


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